Top 10 Application Security Tools in 2020

When various industries plan on switching to the online platform, the Cyber Security industry becomes more complicated.

We need more and more barriers to fight against cyberattacks introducing enormous application security tools for the best protection services.

This popular terminology not only secures the networks for you but the entire application is put under the wall to restrain unwanted and unauthorized access to the information or any other crucial data.

The application security tool performs its security responsibilities with the help of an effective software tool to acquire the desired outcome.

Listed below are the widely used application security tools in 2020

  • Arxan Application Protection
  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA)
  • Wireshark
  • Database Security Scanning
  • Burp Suite
  • Metasploit
  • Intruder
  • Bitdefender
  • Malwarebytes
  • Center for International Security

Arxan Application Protection

The best responsibility carried out by Arxan Application Protection is with the reverse engineering and code tampering exclusively dealing with mobile apps.

This application security tool is sturdy and exceptionally used for the Runtime Applications Self Protection (RASP). A team of experienced developers can make the best use of it.

Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

SCA identifies the most effective way to figure out the libraries and other components primarily open-source pieces.

The SCA tools discovery components are documented vulnerabilities and will often recommend if components are out of date or have patches offered.


The best deal with the real-time analysis of networks. Despite competing with Tcpdump, Wireshark still manages to be considered as the most sought packet sniffer.

The tool has access to regular updates to organize its reliable packet sniffing features.

Database Security Scanning

Database scanners usually run on the static data that is at rest while the database management system is functioning.

Major responsibilities of a database security scanning are to check for updated patches and versions, weak passwords, access control list (ACL) issues, configuration faults, and further.

Burp Suite

Popularly known for its functioning of penetration testing tools, that has been widely extended and enhanced over the past years.

Several tools share a similar persistence, HTTP messages, authentication, and alerting but you might experience the exceptionally good features with the paid version.

The paid version offers a more manual and automated testing tool for the application and combination of various other useful frameworks along with well-documented REST API.


The best option if you are willing to use it for penetration testing. This tool is no ordinary as it covers 1500 exploits comprising a network segmentation.

The application security tool simplifies it for the organizations to perform several security tests & study and improve their complete security.

It is offered in open-source versions for software development or cyber security professionals or can be accessed through a commercial pro version.


Popularly known for its cloud-based network vulnerability scanner. This tool is great to figure out when it comes to weaknesses in your most exposed system to avoid expensive data breaks.

It closes issues and fixes problems quickly and saves your time to a great extend.

It offers unlimited scans on-demand along with unlimited user accounts.

It has continuous checks for web application flaws such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

The intruder is one of the best application security testing tool and a one-stop solution.


Bitdefender total security provides features for file shredder, social network protection, secure online banking, privacy firewall, and vulnerability assessment.

It has a combination of excellent features like Anti-theft and Anti-Phishing. Bitdefender Total Security offers a multi-layer ransomware shield along with ransomware remediation.

This anti-malware software makes available cybersecurity solutions for Home, businesses, partners, and providers.


It is excellent for people to use it for personal use as well as small to large businesses.

It protects you through the advanced online threats that are hard to detect by the antivirus.

Malwarebyte is the best clean up solution to work on the infected devices.

It can afford multi-layered protection with endpoint detection and response for Windows.

Center for International Security

CIS provides an exclusive range of cybersecurity tools and services.

The content of services will include the CIS Benchmark along with CIS controls.

CIS has ideas and services for securing organizations, explicit platforms, and precise threats.

It delivers membership to product vendors, IT consultants & Hosting, Cloud, and Managed Service Providers.


We have analyzed and brought the best application security tools as we have realized the importance of the transition of industries switching to the online industry increasing the high risk of cyber attacks and frauds.

These tools are the favorites and widely used appliances by the developers as well as the mobile development companies providing an exclusive range of services for people.

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