How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like RummyCircle?

rummy circle app development

Mobile game development is a hot market and there are many opportunities for making cash. Who doesn’t want to be a part of this money-making process which has reached every household? But to enjoy the perks of being the owner of a game application there are a lot of queries that need to be resolved.

Rummycircle is the new hub for skilled players for testing their knowledge in the online gaming sector. This success of the project has led many people in the queue for developing an app like RummyCircle. Let’s have a closer look at what exactly is RummyCircle and how much investment is required to develop an app like RummyCircle.

What is Rummycircle Game App?

A popular game which took over the online gamers and is widely played across the globe in varied forms. A game invention that took place in India. Rummycircle is a sequence generating game including 2 to 6 players. A set of 13 cards are provided to each player for sequence formation in the game. Users can play online rummy irrespective of time and place, rummy game features add more delight to the popularity of the game.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Game App like RummyCircle?

Well, this is one of the most popular questions frequently asked when a project is a huge success in the market. Online gaming applications are the most downloaded apps as they are less demanding and more entertaining. These factors lead to a good increase in the user base that automatically makes your project a great success. An app like Rummycircle provides an opportunity for revenue-generation as well.

Factors you Should Consider While Developing the Rummy Gaming App

Build a strategy

Resourceful planning is a must if you have a creative game idea and want to build a very successful online game. A strong strategy should be planned beforehand any other execution for a better outcome. As game developers, it is essential to use modern games to be a part of the trends.


Game development is a huge process that includes multi-layer functioning. This process involves the coding process with the target game development. This process is the hard work and contribution of many people like the UI/UX developers, developers, game experts, and coding experts. A careful development is done as it is a shield that protects from unwanted bugs.


Once the development process is completed, the testing of the app begins. Testing is essential as it removes the bugs from the system for smooth functioning. We have to be cautious in every stage of the development as a test code is required for ensuring a smooth user’s experience. There are various testing that takes place for example regression, functional, system performance testing. These precautions are taken to ensure that no bug reaches the final stage of the game completion.

Optimum marketing plan

A good gaming application needs to reach the audience for it to have a dreamy success. You need to pay a lot of attention to have a smart marketing process. You need to plan and fix your budget for the visibility of your application in the online market.

Key Features that will Affect the Rummycircle App Development Cost

Main platforms to be developed

You need to define your target audience and then accordingly update the development on multiple platforms. Android, IOS, and cross-platforms engage the maximum users. Android and iOS have different development costs, make a wise decision of choosing. cross-platform development is useful for a variety of platforms and thus the best option to go with.


It is very essential to research and go with the required and desired feature list. For the success of the project, you need to have a unique list of features. Unnecessary features make an application look complex and increase the development cost. Always choose the latest groundbreaking design with extravagant graphics and appealing visuals. Choose wisely the need of the application and filer accordingly.

Size of the team

The development of the rummy application also depends on the team you are working with for example testers, marketing teams, and developers. Also, the size and responsibilities decide time consumption.

Development of an application with features like Rummycircle game can only be estimated but no fixed amount can be quoted on an application. Some factors affect the cost of the development of an application. Above given are the key factors which make you estimate an amount spent while developing an online gaming application.

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