AatmNirbhar Bharat: Koo Indian Twitter Rival Surges 10-fold Downloads in Just 2 Days


In recent, Netizens floods Twitter as the #kooapp reflects in the Trending under Politics category. With over 114K Tweets and counting hitherto, it bandwagons into the Indian market.

Concerning the country’s economic development on May 12, 2020, ‘AatmNirbhar Bharat’ or the ‘self-reliant India’, the term was coined by respected Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India.

To keep the mission’s uniformity, many brands came forth to corroborate. Yet peculiar in its way, one from those standing to buttress ― Koo app is worth mentioning.

A Twitter’s spitting image Koo app was developed in March 2020 by a Bangalore-based enterprise, ‘Bombinate Technologies Private Limited’.

However, #kooapp was in India’s top trends, approximately with 21,000 Tweets followed by #bantwitter. Today it crosses over 114k Tweets encircling both Netizens memes and genocides comments.

Long story short, as the app won a government award for driving tech innovation, in the latter half of January, an announcement was made by Republic Media Network’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami. He said, “Under the ‘Republic-Aatmanirbhar Bharat Initiative’, we announce to have mega-partnerships with two homegrown brands – Koo and Mitron”.

He continued, “It is a phenomenal start to the ‘Republic-Aatmanirbhar Bharat Initiative’. Aprameya, Mayank (of Koo), Shivank, Anish (of Mitron) are rock-solid examples of the nation’s AatmaNirbhar

Bharat beacon call. What these young entrepreneurs have created is truly remarkable. These are brilliant initiatives developed by the whizz-kids of India. This is only the beginning. We vow to support, encourage and give a platform to the bright minds, ideators, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are rooted in this great nation and take pride in India.”

After the announcement, as the days pass, many big names gradually started to migrate to Twitter-substitute Koo. The migration from Twitter to Koo includes namely Kangana Ranaut, Anupam Kher, and others. In recent, the Technology Minister and Trade Minister ‘Piyush Goyal joined Koo this month.

Every app needs elbow room to shine. As Twitter Inc refused to follow the laws initiated by the Indian government to ban a few of the contents and accounts spreading misinformation about farmers’ protests, the debate escalated, and Twitter said it did not fully comply with some requests as it believed they were not in line with Indian law.

On Thursday, India’s Government served new notices to block 1,178 accounts suspected to be linked to Khalistani sympathizers or backed by Pakistan.

The Union Minister further issued stern warnings and quotes, “We have now flagged Twitter. Our department has engaged with the company. When there is violence in US Capitol Hill, social media platforms encourage police investigation, but when Red Fort is breached, the same platforms go against the government of India.

The Red Fort is the symbol of our pride. We won’t allow this double standard in the country. What is this? You are trending genocide?” the minister said in Parliament”.

Keeping the hot trend of Koo in mind, the Union Minister for Electronics, IT, and Communications Ravi Shankar Prasad, on February 11, 2021, Thursday praised the Indian made app Koo in Rajya Sabha.

In the midst of the question hour, held Ravi Shankar said, “Koo is a made-in-India app that has become a toast for success today and we should be proud of it. It is a matter of pride for me that Indians are heading so many multi-technology companies. Let us salute the extraordinary courage of our start-ups”.

Also, last year Narendra Modi spoke about the Koo app in his monthly radio address, said: “It’s called Koo. In this, we can place our opinion and interact in our mother tongue through text, video, or audio”.

After that, the Koo app gained a massive interest of Netizens, as the big names kept announcing the migration. It raised more than $4 million in funding last week from new and existing investors, including venture capital firms Accel and 3one4 Capital.

It has until now surged 10-folds in the past 2 days to 3 million. Now it’s worth watching what side the story comes with the element of surprise.

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