20 Technology Trends in COVID-19 that Affecting the Spread of the Pandemic

20 technology trends

“Need is the root of invention”, Yes! It is absolutely right. But how? Let’s discuss- Currently, we all know that the world is facing severe pandemic known as COVID-19. And this pandemic took us to rethink about our daily lives pattern from personal to professional.

When the social isolations and lockdowns have become the essential steps to break this viral transmission, technologies are playing a critical role in our lives to keep us functional in the crucial quarantine period.

The top Technology trends helped us in many ways. With the help of these technologies, today, we successfully shift our mode of working and earning effectively. And this paradigm may have a significant impact beyond this pandemic. Today, IT companies have changed their work module from manually to fully remote. They join hands with the government to eliminate this crisis soon.

Undeniably, with the use of technology, China wins a race against the COVID-19, and many countries are now following the same model to keep their people safe and healthy.

Let’s discuss the significant technology trends in COVID-19

Remote Work


Work from Home opportunity emerged as one of the significant steps during this COVID-19 crisis. The whole world follows the guidelines of working from their home. From Government bodies to private companies, all working organizations allow remote work to their workforces. At this time, when social distancing is one of the crucial steps, this work model appeared as a life saviour for all. The prominent market players like Google, Facebook and Twitter also encourage their people to work from home, to halt the spread of this virus.



Telehealth is another essential technology that assists in tracking patients and diagnosing those who are ill or seeking to be infected. The health officials are also improving their healthcare system so that they can easily prescribe medicines to their patients through their smartphones and other devices. With such techniques, it will be easy for medical professionals to operate people quickly. It will also help to avoid human to human contact, which is currently very essential to follow. Such steps will help in slow down this virus transmission.

Remote Learning


COVID-19 spreads in the whole world; as a result, the countries are in lockdowns. Offices, schools, universities are all manually closed, but “where there is a will, there is a way”. Yes! With the help of technology, the learning options are still open for learners. Virtual learning emerged as the best option in this situation. Many schools and universities in multiple countries have begun virtual classrooms.

They switch the regular classes to online learning to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Students can efficiently complete their studies with the help of remote learning.

Virtual Events


Government of all countries strictly prohibited the people gatherings for some time. It includes essential events, functions and other regular programs. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, now the conferences going to held worldwide are being cancelled. Some of the critical conferences are done virtually, but the rest of them are discontinued. The Government discussions on this pandemic are also running on virtual meetings.

Use of Technological tool like G-Suite


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Remote learning and work from home have become comfortable with the help of cloud meetings and useful technological tools like WeChat Work. Now many technology companies are developing such valuable tools which support the organizations to work efficiently.

One of the most prominent market players, Google, has allowed the access of its paid tools like Hangouts Meet and G-Suite, free. These tools are highly advanced in features which require monthly payments before, but now to avoid the spread of this virus, Google allows it open.

Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom Video Conferencing

The US-based Video Conferencing app “ZOOM” call has emerged as a smart way for the professionals and others to connect quickly. The market of this app has witnessed a sudden boom during this pandemic. Though the app has paid subscriptions, currently it removes the limit from its plans. It is used massively by the doctors and IT professionals to connect with their patients and workforces easily. Today, ZOOM Meetings has become a preferred choice of many working organizations.

Online Shopping and Robotic Deliveries

Online Shopping and Robotic Deliveries

Due to COVID-19, online shopping has led a tremendous growth across the world. To avoid human contact and to maintain social distancing, many foreign countries have chosen online order deliveries. Several nations have offered “happy hours” options to their people, and the robotic systems significantly support these online orders. Yes, in abroad, robots are working as a delivery person who picks and drop the goods at the chosen locations. These efforts are doing to evade social contact.

Digital Payments

Digital Payments

At this time, the most important thing is to avoid human contact through any means. Many organizations have considered that Cash or real money might become a vital source to spread the virus. Therefore, the banks and the financial bodies are now encouraging people to use digital payments platform and avoid cash transactions.

They advise people to use the e-wallets or cards as a preferred payment method. With the use of digital wallets, people can easily make payments for their purchase, and it will also help to protect them from the virus to a great extent.

Online Entertainment

Online Entertainment

Though this lockdown has reduced the people gatherings and outings, it also brings back the creativity and innovation. Online streaming channels has led a wonderful growth. The big entertainment companies also released their short movies online. Online gaming has also seen a boom in its market. Now, people passing their time by streaming games and videos online.

Supply Chain System

Supply Chain System

Undeniably, the pandemic has affected the supply chain, globally. Due to the quarantine period, some of the manufacturing units are entirely close. Many countries have banned imports and exports of some items for a while. It causes massive loss to the companies because they are unable to keep paper-based records and data of their business. During all these crises, the supply chain system has emerged as a useful approach that enhances the efficiency of data and supporting data sharing.

3D Printing Technology

3D Printing-Technology

This technology has emerged to support the supply chain system. With the help of 3D printing technology, the companies will get the advantage as they do not require to use the various equipment. It offers adaptability; as the workforce can easily use a single printer to produce different products of distinct designs.



This pandemic taught us that we entirely depend on human cooperation’s to make our work done. The companies, such as manufacturing, retails, and others, require human labour to a considerable size are now facing the most challenging time. In such conditions, the usage of technology like drones and humanoids helps them to win.

Today, drones are used for various operations like to keep a check on lockdown areas, to deliver the ordered items and sometimes to sanitize the distinct regions. They are effectively working on high-speed and stable internet.

Satellite monitoring


Currently, China uses this technology to observe their hospital’s progress during this outbreak. They used their satellites to examined and collect crucial data sources. Later, they classified the best and suitable information for their hospitals and medical institutions, to fight against the virus.

Health sensors


These health sensors comprise a colour-coded health rating system that keeps track of a million people regularly. It is a smartphone app which includes three different colours like green, yellow and red. It analyses and assigns people a particular colour according to their medical and travel histories. Currently, this technology is using by the Chinese government.

Big Data and facial recognition


Big Data helps get access to public information, which is a great help for the government bodies, to keep a record of their people. And with the use of facial recognition technology, companies can quickly identify their people even if they covered their face with a mask.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

With the help of the AI data analytics, medical professionals get a significant help to understand the COVID-19 profoundly. This technology helps them to discover the structure of the virus. According to the experts, this virus can mutate speedily. So, this technology patterns help them to predict it precisely.

Self-driving vehicles


Autonomous vehicles are helping in delivering the vital goods and services to the healthcare professionals and others in need. It provides necessary items such as medicines and food. They are also helpful to disinfect the hospitals and the other infected regions.

Mobile tracking


Many countries have developed a massive surveillance system to fight back against the COVID-19 outbreak. With the help of this technology, the government can quickly get the location of their people. They will also get information about their health like their body temperature and their travel history. They will collect all the essential data in a centralized database.

GIS used as an epidemic data map


The Geographic Information System is used for the epidemic crisis. It helps in getting the real-time visual display of the pandemic information. It will display the positioning of different countries, villages, towns and groups on the map. With the help of this technology, the states established the emergency headquarters to the multiple provinces where the effect of this pandemic is high.

Mobile epidemic map


These maps help the people to view the information of the pandemic affected regions quickly on their smart devices.

Over to you now

So, these are the top trends which help the world to fight against the COVID-19. At present, these technologies help us in a significant way to maintain social distancing. So, stay safe, stay home, stay healthy, and relish these technologies to perform your work.